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Somali women’s resistance through literary traditions 

Somali women rarely get the chance to emerge out of their usual media image of passive victims of conflict. But earlier this year a conference that took place in Nairobi cast a different spotlight on them, challenging the usual stereotypes. During the event, part of a new research project titled ‘Gender in Politics in Somalia: […]

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“Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future” A GENSOM Project Documentary Film

“Somali women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future” features extraordinary interviews with key female politicians, civil society actors, and artists from across the Somali region today. Illuminating and insightful, this documentary film reveals the motivations behind these women’s civic and political engagements. The film also highlights few structural challenges to women’s public and decision-making roles. This […]

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The Political and Civic Engagement of Somali Women

Today women in the Somali region make positive contributions to their communities by applying their knowledge, skills and financial resources through formal and non-formal political processes.

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“Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future” GENSOM Conference Summary Report by Ayaan Ahmed Ali and Cindy Horst

“Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future” GENSOM Conference, 6 February 2015, Nairobi The GENSOM project is a 2-year research collaboration between PRIO and HIPS, funded by the RCN. The project aims to understand present-day Somali women’s civic and political engagements through a historical lens. It studies the history of women and power in […]

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GENSOM preliminary findings presented at “Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future” conference in Nairobi

On 6 February 2015 The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS), Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) organized a conference titled “Somali Women’s Civic Engagement: Past, Present and Future”. The conference was co-hosted by the Rift Valley Institute in Nairobi, Kenya and funded by the Research Council of Norway and the Somali Stability Fund. The conference […]

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Women’s Movements in Somalia

Throughout the colonial period and the first decade of independence in Somalia, women’s movements were few and small in scale. Following the bloodless coup that ushered President Siyad Barre into power in 1969, things started to change. Debates about women’s legal rights and diya price (magg, or blood money) began to intensify among relatively small […]

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GENSOM: Contributing to a more balanced understanding of the Somali region, past and present

The ‘Gender in Politics in Somalia: Access and Influence in a Post-Conflict State’ (GENSOM) project was officially launched in March 2014, investigating the impact women have on public life in the Somali region. How have Somali women defined achievements throughout history? What factors have enabled or encouraged such successes, and which others served as constraints? […]

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