HIPS Briefing Papers

HIPS Policy Briefs are published by the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies and aim to provide high quality analysis and practical recommendations for policymakers on important development issues.

Options To End Somalia’s Current Political Stalemate

Somalia has entered a dangerous political
stalemate that could unravel the significant
progress made on peace-building and state building
since the end of the transition in
2012. The announcement on 8 September
2018 by the leaders of five federal member
states to suspend cooperation with the
Federal Government is alarming on many
levels, not least because such a coordinated
action by the states is unprecedented. The
response – or lack of it – by the Federal
Government of Somalia (FGS) on a crisis
of this magnitude is a further cause for
serious concern. More than ever before,
it is essential that the two sides engage in
serious dialogue, in order to reach viable
and sustainable compromises.

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Somalia Needs a Cogent Foreign Policy Agenda

After decades of being a backwater failed nation largely defined by civil wars, famine, piracy and terrorism, Somalia is suddenly finding itself at the center of arguably the most convulsing geopolitical conflict in a generation.

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Somalia needs conciliatory not confrontational politics

On October 14 Mogadishu was rocked by the deadliest explosion in its history, killing more than 400 people and injuring hundreds of others. Reliable figures are hard to come by, but the blast, which flattened the buildings around the clogged Zoppe Junction in the Hodan district, has caused mayhem and material destruction estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

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Survey of Public Opinion on Somalia’s Provisional Constitution

This public opinion survey highlights that citizens in five major cities have different perceptions [mainly positive] about the constitution, despite only being marginally consulted by the politicians about their opinions.

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A Memo For Somalia’s New Leaders on The Priorities of Citizens

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS) conducted a public opinion perceptions survey from January 9-23, 2017. HIPS asked a total of 1,364 adults aged 18 and older in Boosaaso, Beledweyne, Mogadishu, Baydhabo and Kismaayo about the policy areas they want the incoming government to focus on.

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Parliament should use Its oversight to improve electoral model

The electoral model by Somalia’s National Leaders Forum (NLF) outlining the 2016 selection/election plan does not adequately enhance the democratic process. Rather, some aspects of the proposed roadmap significantly stifle the prospects of a legitimate and inclusive election process. Read on…

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The Political and Civic Engagement of Somali Women

Today women in the Somali region make positive contributions to their communities by applying their knowledge, skills and financial resources through formal and non-formal political processes.

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Federal Somalia: Not if but How

A significant majority of Somalis favor a federal system of governance, despite serious misgivings. This is according to a research project concluded by HIPS that spun across 5 major cities in Somalia. Read the policy brief here for more..

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Attitudes Towards Democracy in Mogadishu

The vast majority of Mogadishu residents consider democratic elections in the city important, and intend to vote, according to the findings of a poll of 1633 people across the 17 districts of Benadir Region. Read the full report here..

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Perceptions of Security and Justice in Mogadishu

The security situation in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, has improved according to Mogadishu residents. This is confirmed by a survey of 1,664 residents across Mogadishu’s 17 districts conducted between February and March this year.

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