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On August 23, 2014, HIPS team visited the city of Baidoa to kick off a six city research project titled “National Dialogue on Federalism and Natural Resources.” The objective of the project is to support national reconciliation and a peaceful process of state-building by harnessing and amplifying local voices on decentralization options. Watch a short video of the first ‘Dialogue’ that was held in Baidoa. HIPS will next visit Galkayo, Garowe, Kismayo, Beletweyn and round it off with Mogadishu.

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Launching Federalism Dialogue in Baidoa

On August 23, 2014, a four member team from the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies (HIPS) visited the city of Baidoa to conduct a field research on ‘National Dialogue on Federalism’ as the first stop of a six-city field research on Federalism. Read below their reflections and impressions on the trip.

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Decentralization Options for Somalia

The issue of decentralization has been hotly debated in Somalia for the past decade. For many Somalis, some form of decentralization is necessary. However, the most suitable model of decentralization for Somalia remains a matter of contention. This paper is the first in a series of outputs by Heritage Institute on the topic of decentralization.

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