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Farmaajo’s Presidency: A scorecard for the first two years and the prospects for the remaining two.

Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmaajo’ was elected as the President of Somalia on February 8th, 2017 on a platform of comprehensive reform, improved security, political stability, a revived economy, reduced corruption and smart foreign policy. Two years later, the President’s scorecard is mixed, with some encouraging achievements in certain areas but plenty of shortcomings on most of the lofty political promises detailed during his presidential campaign.

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Options To End Somalia’s Current Political Stalemate

Somalia has entered a dangerous political
stalemate that could unravel the significant
progress made on peace-building and state building
since the end of the transition in
2012. The announcement on 8 September
2018 by the leaders of five federal member
states to suspend cooperation with the
Federal Government is alarming on many
levels, not least because such a coordinated
action by the states is unprecedented.

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Special Forum with the President of Somalia

On September 11, 2014, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was a guest at the Heritage Institute for Policy Studies’ (HIPS) Forum for Ideas. The HIPS forum is designed to be an inclusive platform for a candid discourse between policymakers and the public, and to facilitate dialogue among various stakeholders in the society. Watch the full Forum here..

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Consequences of Political Infighting

The rift between the two top officeholders in Somalia, and the subsequent removal of Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon ‘Saa’id’, has dealt a serious blow to the credibility of the Federal Government of Somalia.

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