HIPS Director’s testimony at the US Senate

On 8 October, HIPS Director Abdi Aynte testified before the U.S. Senate Africa Subcommittee of the Foreign Relations Committee. The title of the hearing was “Security and Governance in Somalia: Consolidating Gains, Confronting Challenges and Charting the Path Forward”. 

Highlights from Aynte’s testimony:

On security


  • Somali security institutions remain chronically weak, incoherent and un-inclusive, denying them of a much-needed credibility


  • al-Shabaab is exploiting this weakness to recalibrate; despite recent losses they remain a potent and lethal force


  • Only a professional, competent and inclusive Somali security forces can ultimately defeat al-Shabaab and restore peace and security


  • AMISOM has done a remarkable job assisting the Somali government in the restoration of peace and security, but attention must now be given toward rebuilding a Somali security force


On governance


  • Ambiguity and contradictions in the Provisional Constitution is hampering progress


  • Misunderstanding of federalism poses the greatest risk of reigniting conflict among Somali communities


  • National dialogue and civic education on federalism must start immediately


  • Somali government must urgently establish national independent commissions tasked with finishing the transitional tasks and putting the country on a path toward legitimate and inclusive politics


  • Neighboring countries have been extraordinarily generous to the Somali people for 20 years, and have legitimate security concerns. But only a stable, democratic and contiguous Somalia is the best guarantor of peace and security in the Horn of Africa

You can watch the entire hearing here. You can also read Aynte’s testimony here.

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  1. Posted October 2013 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    Good Lecture

    Posted November 2013 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    asc to brothers and sisters. In fact what mr. Aynte had highlighted before the American congress, was quite based on the truth that exists on the ground, but the only thing that shocked me, was the baseless gesture he made on the side of the neighboring countries, that have never assissted the displced and needy somalis, who sought refuge to their countries, expecting utmost respect and humanitarian assistance , but rather suffered inhuman treatments at hands of those so-called neighbors. The worest has happened when some of them came in the country, to commit genocide against whose insisted to remain at home under any circumstance, like war, famine and other ordeals of terrorism. So Mr.Aynte being an icon for this war torn nation, doesn’t mean to distort the truth and the real picture about the wickedness of what you call neighbors. You should be an out spoken when it comes to those beasts, or else you will be one of those who lost their charisma by following blindly to the theories of the enemy.

  3. Avatar Ismail Ahmed Gutale
    Posted November 2013 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    This kind of testimony will lead the world to keep the base with update situations that are taking place in Somalia. The overall speach that has been made before the American senate, was fairly related to the political and security upheavals in Somalia, so mr.Aynte keep it up, be the people’s watchman all the time, any where in the world, and mantain all efforts possible, in order, to put everything that is healthy to the country and its people on the spotlight, regardless who feels delighted and who gets upset, keep the fire burning man!

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