Roundtable with the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, was guest speaker at our latest Forum for Ideas, held on Sunday 3 August 2014 at the Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu. Discussions centered on the achievements, challenges, and way forward for premier Abdiweli’s government, seven months after its formation.

Over one hundred citizens, including civil society leaders, academics, former senior officials, media personalities, representatives of women and youth groups, and members of the business community participated in the Forum. The director of HIPS, Abdi Aynte briefly outlined the format of the discussion with a twenty minute presentation given by the Prime Minister to followed by ninety minutes of interactive dialogue among all participants.

After offering his interpretation of the progress made by his government over the past seven months, the Prime Minister opened the floor to questions from the audience and via social media. Discussions covered major policy areas ranging from the current security situation to the challenges of establishing a federal system of governance.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the audience, and indeed the willingness of the Prime Minister to engage with it, the Forum was extended by an hour, running into the evening. The audience was reminded by the premier that, despite the apparent slow pace of progress, his government is committed to its task of rebuilding Somalia.

Live footage of the Forum can be found at

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  1. Avatar Fiqi Hashi
    Posted August 2014 at 8:07 pm | Permalink

    We are tired of words and empty promises, we need tangible progress, and we haven’t seen for a long time. The prime minister should present a coherent strategy for durable peace and stability. Without peace and sense of security, prosperity will remain distant dream. Yes, we appreciate the fact that the premier came to share his thoughts and ideas with the general public, but public dialogue won’t avail us the security we desperately seek, if there is no coherent strategy for effective governance in place.

    Please focus security, security and security again, for without security nothing can come to fruition.

  2. Avatar hasan
    Posted September 2014 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    waxaan aad u bogaadinayaa macadka qoraalka sida fiican u qoran ee afsoomaaliga ah waayo in badan oo aqoon sheegta ayaa ka guuray afkii soomaaliga waxaad argaysaa maamulo soomaali ah oo kuwada xiriirayo af ajanabi sida Englishka hadaba waxaan idinku habalyaynayaa afka soomaaliga ah ee aad isticmaashaan, dhinaca kale waxaan arkay qoraal xanbaarsan aragti wadaniyad waayo cidii dhulka soomaaliya iyo dowladnimada lid ku ah waa in si cad loo sheegaa, hadaba waxaan soo dhawaynayaa dadka aqoontoodii geliyay iyo waqtigoodii ilaalinta dalka iyo dadka.

    Bye xasan
    kismaayo- somaalia

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